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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Writer Wednesday: I Never Knew that About Ireland

It's time for Writer Wednesday, when I discuss another author and his or her book. Today's book is I Never Knew that about Ireland by Christopher Winn.

I'm American but I live in Ireland with my Irish husband. By American standards, Ireland is tiny but it's FULL of interesting stories, characters, varied landscapes and so much history and beauty.

Winn's book is divided into the four provinces of Ireland and further broken into each county. Every section features fascinating stories and hidden gems for each county accompanied by beautiful illustrations. Ireland is beloved the world over and is connected to so many nations. One very interesting fact in the book is that the MGM lion was actually born in Dublin Zoo! For many more incredible stories, dive into Winn's book. Chances are you'll find yourself saying, "Wow! I never knew that about Ireland!"

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Good luck all!

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Saturday's Quotation to Inspire: Transformation

“When your clarity meets your conviction and you apply action to the equation, your world will begin to transform before your eyes.”
― Lisa Nichols

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Writer Wednesday: Uncharted Inheritance


On today's Writer Wednesday, I'm discussing the final book, Uncharted Inheritance, in Keely Keith's trilogy, that she kindly provided me with as an advance review copy. This book explores the story of Bethany, the younger sister to Lydia. In addition, Justin Mercer is still determined to find the hidden island and discover what happened to Connor when he disappeared.

All the trademarks of Keely's writing: strong morals, solid characters and a bit of suspense were present in this book again. I found it to be a satisfying conclusion to her trilogy. There's still a wealth of potential stories to explore further beyond this book as well, which is always a positive sign in a book.

The enduring message of this book, that has remained with me the longest, is that Keely has perfectly captured that turning point from childhood to adulthood in Bethany. Specifically, she explores when one goes from being told what to do, to being respected as a peer among equals by the former authority figures who are now simply offering their love and support. That depiction of life is timeless and matters- whether one is on a hidden island or not.

Dive into the hidden land once more to discover this exciting conclusion! Order your autographed copies of all the books in the trilogy here. Also, take a look at this beautiful trailer, that I saw playing at the London Book Fair, to get a feel for the series.

My best to you all,

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Introducing Extra Ink Edits!


I'd like to tell you about an exciting new venture, where I am offering editorial services via Extra Ink Edits. 

Extra Ink Edits combines college teaching experience, editing and writing knowledge to help you perfect your writing! Content Editing is my speciality and is available from just 3 cents per word on a standard manuscript. All plot holes, pacing issues and character development are especially welcome.

My best to you all,