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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Looking forward to 2017!

I'm looking forward to 2017 and sharing several new upcoming releases with you! The first up is North Star Home, a story of love on the frontier, coming January 16th! If you'd like an advance reader copy to review for free (.epub or .mobi), let me know.

My best to you all,

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Light from Darkness


December is such a magical time. There are special foods, beautiful decorations, and the thrill of giving in the air. There is peace and hope, goodwill and love, and a light shining in the darkness. At times, it can feel as if the darkness is stronger, but the sun continues to always shine, even when the days are shorter and we see it less often. "The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it." Those words penned by John are often spoken at this time of year. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, they can be a beacon toward remembering that goodness outlasts the bad. We all need reminding of that, perhaps especially this year. 

This year, Hanukkah begins on Christmas Eve. Another name for Hanukkah is the Festival of Lights and it commemorates the rededication of the temple. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah or not, there is a beauty in the idea of a setting aside, a pausing to remember the sacred, and again, a celebration of light in the darkness.

 Here in Ireland, there is an ancient celebration of the light as well, in the observance of the winter solstice at Newgrange. It is the oldest solar observatory in the world (5,000 years old) and on the shortest day of the year, the light on the horizon at sunrise perfectly lines up to illuminate the chamber. Once again, this is a celebration of light from darkness. 

Wishing you the very happiest of holidays! May light shine in the darkness and leave you uplifted in peace.

My best to you all,

Monday, December 19, 2016

Behind the Scenes: Author Interview


I was interviewed on Pretty-Hot! Here's the complete interview. It explores my writing influences, the story behind my recent release and more!

My best to you all,

Monday, December 12, 2016

It's launch day!

New Novel from Award-Winning Writer Marks 100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme 

DUBLIN, Ireland - Dec. 12, 2016 - PRLog -- A hundred years ago, the Battle of the Somme raged through France from July 1st to November 18th, 1916. In the First World War, it was the largest battle and had consequences for millions. One of those impacted soldiers is imagined in the new novel: What Edward Heard. It is the second historical novel from the author, Megan Easley-Walsh and incorporates the element of magical realism. The author is an award-winning writer and has over ten new novels set for release. Magical realism, long established in Latin American literature, has been popularized for the North American market through such recent releases as The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker, 2013. Magical realism is a branch of the fantasy genre and injects a magical element into an otherwise normal world. The addition of magical realism to historical fiction is especially fitting at this time of the year, full of holiday festivity where magic mingles with the ordinary.

When asked about her idea behind the novel, Ms. Easley-Walsh said,"I've studied art history and when I see a painting I search for the meanings behind it. Reading a painting is natural. I was intrigued by the idea of a painting being able to read a person. It was interesting to trace the journey of the painting from Renaissance Venice through to WWI England and it allowed me to research and write about a variety of locations and time periods. Some of my earliest American ancestors were French Huguenot silk merchants who settled in Virginia. I was able to incorporate pieces of their story into What Edward Heard."

About the novel:

The Trenches shattered his hearing,

But the Painting will change him Forever.

In Venice in 1566, Francesco paints a portrait of the woman he loves. In 1916, Edward Jamison returns to England from the trenches of the Western Front. Believing that the most life-changing events are behind him, he soon encounters something profoundly more powerful: the portrait of the painted lady. Partly deaf from his injuries in the trenches, he begins to hear the strangest things.

But Edward Jamison is not the only person who has become a part of these mysterious happenings. From Renaissance Venice to the French Huguenots settling in England to the American Revolution in Virginia and beyond, the painted lady has touched the lives of many.

As Edward searches for clues into the painting's past, he's drawn into another mystery, involving a girl with amnesia and the lady of the manor that she works in. All is not as it seems in the quiet English countryside. If Edward is to save himself and all of them, he'll have to face his biggest fears. But, what if the painting has another plan for him?

What Edward Heard is available in hardcover (ISBN 9781366694201), paperback (ISBN 9781366694195), and ebook (ISBN 9781508048206) in over 195 countries.

About the Author:

Megan Easley-Walsh is an author of historical fiction, a researcher, and a writing consultant and editor at Extra Ink Edits. She is an award-winning writer and has taught college writing in the UNESCO literature city of Dublin, Ireland. Her degrees are in history-focused International Relations. She is American and lives in Ireland with her Irish husband. She is also the author of Flight Before Dawn.

For more information, visit www.MeganEasleyWalsh.com or email [email protected].

Media Contact
Megan Easley-Walsh
[email protected]

(Original press release here.)

Friday, December 2, 2016

What Edward Heard Trailer


I'm very excited to share with you the trailer for What Edward Heard. It is my second novel and is debuting around the world on December 12th! Ebooks are now available for pre-order. Edward returns from the trenches of WWI. He's suffered much and is partly deaf. But, a painting will change his life. If you like magical realism, ala The Golem and the Jinni, or historical stories about manor houses, like Downton Abbey, you'll find new friends among these pages.

My best to you all,